Nathan Richado Cal/Cere 89 staff install

Nathan Richado Cal/Cere 89 staff install

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Thank you for reaching out to me and commissioning me to install your saber staff.

The saber will be installed with the following

Goth-3Designs ECO chassis for both Cal Kestis and Cere saber hilts. These are the shorter chassis to allow sabers to assemble into the staff.

2x Proffieboard v3.9

2x 18650 3.7v Li-Ion batteries (hard wired)

2x 2.1mm Recharge Port

4x Tactile switches

2x 28mm Bass speaker

2x SCW NPXL v3 connectors

Any soundfonts you would like added, please email to


Please ship the saber staff to 

Jonathan Rossi

247 Mercer st

Trenton NJ 08611