5-6 months later.. 🙈😂

Hey everyone!

Well, I didn’t exactly keep up with this huh? What an adventure it has been. I’ll try to keep it short!

a lot of you have reached out for custom jobs and requested I track down specific sabers for install. This has become quite a popular way to find the saber you want and make sure it’s getting all the components you desire! Like proffie, OLED screens and shtok NPXL v3’s or even in-hilt RGB LED’s as I have mostly geared my sabers to Neopixel installs. I’m happy to have been on this journey. And the support has been wonderful.


I am not sure if anyone noticed on here, but my YouTube is active. I have been posting videos of some interesting builds and trying to be more available on social media while trying to keep up with installs and everything else.

I have also been designing an ergonomic saber that will be balanced with a neopixel blade. I’m very excited to start offering these!!! So stay tuned for that. I’m currently getting bids on machining atm. The cover photo of this blog post is a render of the saber.

I will stock proffieboard v2.2 on the website as well soon! I am curious, what are some things you would like to see added to the website?


Thank you everyone!


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